HYGENIC BATHING ALTERNATIVE FOR BEDRIDDEN PATIENTS: Bath Wipes from wiclenz are ideal for people who have difficulty while bathing due to injury or illness. It is effective at cleansing skin when bathing isn’t an option or when there is less water. It keeps your skin clean, fresh, Safe & hygienic
LEAVES SKIN MOISTURISED: These patient bath wipes contain Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E to keep the bath wipes pre-moistened. These natural ingredients provide chemical-free moisturising
MICROWAVEABLE patient sponge bed bath towel packet of 50 TOWELS
Suitable during travel and outdoor stay whenever you need a quick shower , these bed bath towel wipes helps you cleanse your without using water
ANTI BACTERIAL: Its antibacterial property offers long-lasting germ protection and preventing bacterial contamination in cuts and wounds

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